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Heritage - a story from 406 A.D.

Etelburg, Castle of Etel, Castle of Attila the Hun. Attila (fl. circa 406 - 453) was the most famous leader among European Huns, ruling one of the biggest tribal empires from that period. However Attila had become the symbol of wild barbarity in Western Europe, historians considered him an educated and noble ruler. As Attila represents ancient barbarity and sophisticated culture at the same time, Etelburg means the duality of traditions and novelty.

By this name selection, we pay tribute to the values that this castle symbolizes for us. These values are the knowledge of mankind, respect for traditions, and the belief in development and sustainability.

With these values, Etelburg became a new brand. A new brand with a novel vision, creating and delivering long-standing, valuable design solutions, unlike most of today’s "disposable" products.

A family-operated business

At Etelburg we are developing our products to make your memories everlasting, to colour up your artwork, to make every day special no matter if you are in your office, in your lab, at home or anywhere else. We are focusing on the future but truly believe in the heritage and the value that mankind created through the centuries.

Gábor Megyeri

Gábor Megyeri industrial designer, Etelburg's co-founder
During the years of exclusive products, I have gained a lot of experience with the so-called intellectual value-added products. This has significantly shaped my design philosophy, my attitude and has increasingly strengthened my desire to create my products.

I start all design projects with research, in which I formulate and visualize the intellectual added value that characterizes the subject. I believe neither in selfish design nor in profit bargaining and meaningless mass production. Sustainable life and environmentally conscious thinking are essential elements of my work.

My main goal is to go beyond the fundamentally defined functions with my designs, thus contributing to an extension of the objects’ lifecycle.

Péter Megyeri

Péter Megyeri, Etelburg co-founder
I grew up with the inspiration of the technological evolution that caused changes in the world. I spent nearly 20 years in the fields of telecommunication, information technology and economy. The basis of my knowledge comes from large enterprises, getting several lessons in project management, result orientation and HR. It was satisfying for a while since I was motivated by the new areas and knowledge. But by the time I became a mature man the question of what I would be able to achieve with my own company kept coming back.

2013 became the turning point when I finally started to build my holding. My passion and attraction to novelties gave me enormous momentum. One of the results of this momentum is Etelburg and its Rainbow product family. Our common goal is to design and deliver products and solutions that could become a legacy for future generations, and last but not least, to our children.

Our projects

Rainbow project

Colours play a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colours can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions, they can irritate or soothe our eyes. Colours are as important for the eyes and the soul as music for the ears and the mind. Our brain stores all our memories in colour. The importance of colours inspired Gábor to create the Rainbow family.


Etelburg r.feather premium pen

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Etelburg r.pro ink mixer desktop device

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Etelburg r.ink ink selection

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Etelburg r.app logo

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Digital Pasts Analog Futures I.

We decided to start a four-stage crowdfunding project called “D.P.A. and F.”. We are creating four writing instruments and with your help we will have the writing instrument of the future in our hand when the project is completed. After some long brainstorming sessions, we have decided to start with a simple, yet elegant, durable writing instrument, available as a fountain pen and a rollerball.

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