Created for those who make the decisions and change the world, not with words but signatures, r.feather is the most complex writing instrument we have ever made. With its interchangeable nibs, special ergonomic design, adjustable weight balance, and smooth metal surface that seamlessly fits your hand, it is the ultimate pen for memorable moments.

Widely adjustable
For your max comfort

r.feather is a unique, professional pen with its interchangeable nibs and tips, special, ergonomic design, adjustable weight balance, ensuring long and comfortable use.

Interchangeable nibs - use them as you wish or as the moment requires

The cartridge with the custom color ink mixed by the desktop unit or the ordered r.ink can be easily inserted in the pen with an adapter. Thanks to its large capacity, the pen allows long term use including drawing, writing, calligraphy and painting.

The nibs are made of the currently available highest quality steel but the pens can also be used with gold, flexible and music nibs as well. The pens are made of Perunal, which is a high-strength aluminum. Perunal is primarily used in the aircraft industry. Our writing instruments are anodized to offer a wide variety of colors and to add extra protection for the surface.

Aviation-industry material - for lifelong use with exceptional convenience

The design of the unusually sized writing instrument serves exclusively ergonomic and aesthetic purposes. The pen’s grasping points are positioned on the central unit. The variably sized, triangle shaped grip unit allows users with different hand sizes to find the most comfortable grip and writing angle. To find the best writing angle easily, you can rotate the nib with the writing block along the longitudinal axis. As the large capacity is positioned in the pen’s weight center, the weight of the pen’s barrel allows the center of gravity to be adjusted easily and effectively supporting long term use.

Modular writing system - to find the perfect balance and grip for your hand size

The capacity of over 1.6 ml of our tempered glass, laboratory certified cartridges is four times higher than that of standard fountain pen cartridges.

400% higher ink-capacity than standard

The development of the r.feather

The idea

We began the project with the description and visualization of the basic idea, then we sectioned the project into its major parts.

As the first step, we named the different parts of the project.

We started with the parallel development of the r.pro ink mixing device and the r.app application.

Research, design and development

Since the r.feather is a multipurpose writing instruments, we needed to define all the functions and criteria.

After a relatively short sketch session, we created the three-dimensional digital sketches and created numerous prototypes with rapid prototyping technology.

We started the basic experimenting with the 3d printed prototypes. We defined the length of the two different length modulations (short barrel and long barrel / portable and pro writing instruments). After this we started the long process of building up the supply chain, we needed to produce the r.feather. We tried to keep the potentially highest manufacturing percentage in-house, but there are some parts we purchase from other manufacturers. It was crucial to find the proper suppliers, just for testing and integrating their products. After this process, we were ready to produce the first, fully functional prototypes made out of metal.


We CNC milled three Perunal aluminum prototypes. Thanks to the detailed preparation, all of our parts were compatible with the parts that came from outer suppliers. We could also test the different surface treatment methods too.

The active and long-term testing processes of the r.feathers began. We collected high amount of data based on the test experiences, so we were able to define some changes to make our writing instrument better. We turned back to rapid prototyping again to validate the defined changes. After we agreed with the new design and functional solutions, we started the production of 10 prototype sets and the final round of testing. Both our Hungarian and International partners played key role in this section.

The r.feather worked flawlessly. We defined all the modulations and we were be able to pair it with the r.pro ink mixing device, which was ready at the same time.

At the finishing of the section, we defined all the final specks of the standalone r.feather- Colors, functions, modulations.

We started to design the packaging, the user-manual and all the necessary accessories that come with the r.feather.


The r.feather is a unique and very complex writing instrument in the world of pens. That means of course, that its manufacturing processes are also very complicated. The preparation process required a very intensive cooperation between the research and development team and the production.

The Perunal, which is the primer material of the r.feather is a very hard material. The manufacturing steps of the aluminum parts are optimized for both 3 and 5 axis CNC machines. To guarantee a long life time, we are using stainless steels at the part joints.

The long preparation phase was followed by the actual production. To control and keep the quality of the certified material was a major task during the entire process.

One production run produces 500 pieces. Every single aluminum parts hand polished. Our black r.feathers have a silky matt finish. We separate them and gave them a pearl blasting surface treatment.

The next step is the logo engraving. At this point, every numbered r.feather is threated and packaged as individual units.

The next step is the anodizing process. This defines the colors of the r.feathers and creates a protecting coating on the entire body of the writing instrument.

The final assembly and the packaging of the first 500 pcs were made exclusively by hand.

Designed by
Gabor Megyeri

Having started his career at Montblanc in 2007, Gabor Megyeri made a successful debut in the world of premium products by creating unique writing instruments.

He also worked for premium brands like Montegrappa, Bugatti, and Tibaldi where pens were sold for up to six figures.

The most well-known writing instruments by Gabor:

  • Bugatti Chiron Fountain Pen Limited Edition
  • Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone
  • Montblanc Mark Twain Writers Limited Edition
  • Montegrappa Q1
  • Montegrappa UEFA 60th Anniversary Series

In 2017, he teamed up with his cousin, Peter Megyeri and started to build the brand Etelburg with one goal: creating innovative products that retained the values of the past while making them applicable in the future.

With r.feather we ask you to join our journey that defines the writing instruments of the future.

r.feather is the pen for your glorious moments