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  • What does your signature reveal about you?

    Signatures are unique codes used to authenticate documents, sign letters. Signatures are also widely believed to be the reflection of one’s personality. But what does science say?
  • Graphology: science or unnecessary fuss?

    While your signature appears to be the source of important information about you, your handwriting could reveal even more – at least according to the proponents of graphology.
  • “This is just a small piece of plastic!” Or how much pollution is caused by the stationery industry?

    How many ballpoint pens do we use and throw away every year? How can you avoid excessive consumption? Is there an alternative for plastic?
  • Spoken words fly away, written words remain – the secret history of ink

    Ink has undergone enormous progress in the last four to five thousand years. In the meantime, the future of ink is just as exciting as its past.
  • Who was László Bíró and what do we owe him – beyond the ballpoint pen?

    The list of the most famous Hungarians regularly includes the inventor of the ballpoint pen and this is more or less what most people know about him.
  • The spread of writing in Europe

    Oftentimes, we forget to realise what a long way it was before we started writing and started writing the way we do now.
  • The relationship between learning and handwriting

    Research shows that teaching handwriting is essential in addressing learning difficulties. Neglecting it reduces the brain's reasoning abilities.
  • Could the teaching of cursive writing be abandoned?

    In Finland and some US States, attempts have been made to abandon cursive writing. Is there a keyboard for everything?
  • The history and benefits of modern handwriting

    Handwriting remains vital in the digital age. Through its effects on the brain, it helps develop advanced visual motor skills.

  • Handwriting is a form of art that will be with us forever

    Handwriting is a basic skill and at the same time a form of art extending beyond its functionality. Besides, it has an exciting history spanning from the beginning until our time.

  • The r.feather and the philosophy behind

    Communication is one of the key elements of human development and existence. Handwriting is one of the most essential tools of long-lasting communication as „what has spoken flies what is written never dies”.
  • Digital Pasts, Analog Futures

    During my career, I have designed and developed products, which fulfilled their functions, with the added value of an expanded life span. In my opinion, this is the key to sustainable product development in the 21st century.