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  • The relationship between learning and handwriting

    Research shows that teaching handwriting is essential in addressing learning difficulties. Neglecting it reduces the brain's reasoning abilities.
  • Could the teaching of cursive writing be abandoned?

    In Finland and some US States, attempts have been made to abandon cursive writing. Is there really a keyboard for everything?
  • The history and benefits of modern handwriting

    Handwriting remains vital in the digital age. Through its effects on the brain, it helps develop advanced visual motor skills.

  • Handwriting is a form of art that will be with us forever

    Handwriting is a basic skill and at the same time a form of art extending beyond its functionality. Besides, it has an exciting history spanning from the beginnings until our time.

  • The r.feather and the philosophy behind

    Communication is one of the key elements of human development and existence. Handwriting is one of the most essential tools of long-lasting communication is as „what is spoken flies what is written never dies”.
  • Digital Pasts Analog Futures

    During my career, I have designed and developed products, which fulfilled their functions, with added value of an expanded life span. In my opinion, this is the key to sustainable product development in the 21st century.