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  • Preserving the values of the past for the future

    After working for two legendary companies of the high-end fountain pen market, Montblanc and Montegrappa, he started a new project in Hungary and with his cousin he created his own brand offering premium pens. Hype&Hyper asked the founders of Etelburg.
  • A premium pen from Hungary adds a unique product to the world’s luxury market

    Gábor Megyeri learned how to design one-of-a-kind premium pens at Montblanc and Montegrappa but recently created one that had never been seen even by the world’s leading fountain pen manufacturers.
  • Funds are raised for Etelburg's new project

    Fountain pens can be smart too and this is exactly what the newest product of Etelburg, a Hungarian company, offers. To raise the funds to be able to start mass production, Etelburg launched a Kickstarter campaign and wishes to create a unique pen.
  • Etelburg launches Kickstarter campaign

    After a successful career at German Montblanc and Italian Montegrappa, Gábor Megyeri started his own business, Etelburg, last year, which uses high-quality components and a scientific approach to create a "universal" fountain pen.
  • Hungarians should use Hungarian fountain pens

    The ambitious project of Gábor Megyeri (and his family business), the Etelburg r.feather writing system, which mixes analogue ink from the digital world and fills it into a spaceship-like, modular writing instrument was covered in an extensive article in the first Makro.
  • Etelburg featuring in Duna TV's "Trend and Design" programme

    Gábor Megyeri's brand will soon launch under the name Etelburg, referring to the former castle of King Attila, the Hun. While the design of the modular, adjustable pens is extremely modern, the designer wishes to save the tradition of handwriting with his project.
  • Radio interview with Gábor Megyeri – Hungarian Catholic Radio

    Industrial designer Gábor Megyeri, the founder of Etelburg was interviewed by the Hungarian Catholic Radio.
  • This pen can rewrite the future

    The Miskolc-born industrial designer will soon launch his original design. In a matter of weeks, Gábor Megyeri, the industrial designer who was born and raised in Miskolc, will market his new luxury pen that has a mission.
  • Hungarian designer's brand is called "the Tesla of fountain pens"

    Bound to rise to international fame, Miskolc-born industrial designer, Gábor Megyeri will soon launch his fountain pen brand, Etelburg.
  • Miskolc-born designer once designed a fountain pen for Sophia Loren

    Miskolc-born industrial designer, Gábor Megyeri will soon launch his fountain pen brand, Etelburg. The pen the design and development of which lasted three years is planned to be sold by an American retail network.
  • The design of premium fountain pens was only the stepping stone to his own brand

    Having grown up in Miskolc, Gábor Megyeri, an industrial designer went on to work for one of the most prestigious manufacturers of luxury pens, Montblanc.
  • The Tesla of fountain pens is here

    Born and raised in Miskolc, Hungarian designer, Gábor Megyeri first stunned the world's two, probably most coveted pen manufacturers known for elegant luxury with his ideas and then started building his brand.