Etelburg - application

The structure is logical and easy to use. You can perform all required registrations and connect to the desktop unit in the user settings menu item.

The application has an integrated camera module, so you can create images with that can be processed immediately or the app also can access your photos stored on the phone after enabling.

Colours are picked in the LAB. You can also fine-tune the images/colours. You can adjust brightness, saturation and intensity. Colour samples are picked in the middle of the image. You can move and enlarge the images. Samples can be picked manually when the application picks only one pixel or automatically when 9 pixels located in the centre of the image are picked and used to select the desired colours. Deselected colours are thrown into the trash bin and can be restored until you exit the application. Selected colours are transferred into the storage section where you can archive them, add comments to them and control the desktop unit.

The application has a simple, straightforward icon system and layout and has many common features with the control panel of the desktop unit. You will learn how to use the application in a matter of seconds.

To allow a large number of users to benefit from the active use of the Rainbow product range, various social media platforms will be available where users can interact with one another and share “colour recipes”. These services (Facebook, Instagram) will be directly accessible from the application with a single push of a button.

Coming soon

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