The r.pro is a modern design desktop unit, that can mix any color ink you want and use them immediately in any r.feather pen. The unit includes an ink mixer, five ink containers, a central display an r.feather pen and a free mobile application (r.app).

The r.pro is easy to use. The desktop device itself is supported by a 7-inch touchscreen control panel, through which it can be configured and managed. Colors can be chosen and created locally by this display. However color mixing and device control are also available through our r.app mobile application.

The desktop unit consists five ink tanks (CMYK + transparent) and separate pumps delivering the adequate amount of ink to the mixing chamber where the desired color is finally created. Then through a drainage hole the ink is placed in a lab-quality hardened glass cartridge and can be immediately used in any r.feather pen. It takes only 45 seconds to mix a color.

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